27 Apr 2020

This website was made using Jekyll and it’s hosted on Neocities.

For styling I use water.css. It’s a classless CSS theme - you can find more on CSS Bed.

You can find the source of this website here.

Why a classless CSS theme?

Classless CSS theme’s are small, easy to use, and require very little custom CSS rules.

Why Jekyll?

I’ve always liked Ruby and I think Jekyll is easy to use. I’m not too concerned about compile times since this website is fairly simple.

Why Neocities?

When I was younger I was really into making websites either on Blogspot (now Blogger) or Geocities. I loved the feeling that anyone, anywhere could make a website. I was attracted to Neocities because of it’s mission statement and how it reminded me of how the web used to be.

Also, the Neocites gem is super useful and everything is open source.