25 Jun 2022

You can find everything that I use for my dotfiles here.


I currently use zsh with pure prompt and base16 shell themes.

I used to use oh-my-zsh but stopped. I was using it for prompts and themes only, so I decided to just pull those in instead.

Additionally, I’m not familiar with the internals of oh-my-zsh. I like to know the internal workings of personal scripts I run.

(I have a similar opinion and approach to Emacs setups.) is a script for setting up my environment with symlinks, downloading tools I need, etc.

I have my own setup scripts for the same reasons why I stopped using oh-my-zsh. There are many tools I could use for this, but like oh-my-zsh I would only be using the bare minimum.

Using my dotfiles

You can find instructions on how to use my dotfiles here and below.

git clone "$HOME/Code/dotfiles"
chmod +x $HOME/Code/dotfiles/

Example output

❯ ./ -a
On MacOS!
Symlink /Users/jonny/Code/dotfiles/.zshrc to /Users/jonny/.zshrc exists
Symlink /Users/jonny/Code/dotfiles/.global_gitconfig to /Users/jonny/.gitconfig exists
Pure prompt is already installed!
Already up to date.
base16 shell themes are already installed!
Already up to date.
Installing/Updating 4 applications
Already installed: fortune
Version: fortune 9708
Already installed: cowsay
Version: cowsay 3.04_1
Already installed: ripgrep
Version: ripgrep 13.0.0
Already installed: font-hack